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About Alomar Health Products

Alomar Health offers a range of cosmetic health products that uses nature’s ingredients (wherever possible) to treat, moisturise, regenerate and soothe your skin.

We are all about natural cosmetics with health-boosting and wellness qualities.

The Alomar Health product line combines the traditional and well-known properties of Aloe Vera, with the latest technology and innovation developed by our R&D department.

Our products use organically grown Aloe Vera and natural ingredients wherever possible, we do not use concentrates. Our “cold-processing” method ensures the preservation of the active Aloe Vera ingredients. Our Aloe Vera is one of the finest qualities in the world, having a aloeverosa concentration of over 2000mg/l.

Alomar Health products have been developed by a highly qualified team of pharmacists and manufacturing is undertaken under the strictest quality controls and rigorous testing.  We ensure that all our products comply with both British and European standards.