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Winter Protection Pack

This winter, take care of your skin with our Winter Protection Pack and an amazing 25% off.

It’s a complete set of aloe vera skincare products. It allows you to enjoy going out while ensuring your skin stays protected and hydrated. Get everything you need to achieve this goal in one convenient package.

Our Winter Protection Pack

In our Winter Protection Pack you will receive: 200ml Superderm, 150ml Pure Aloe Vera Gel and 100ml Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

In The Morning

If you’ve been outside for a long period of time, try our Pure Aloe Vera Gel 150ml which helps to moisturise, regenerate and sooth your skin.  Ideal for the cold and winter winds days to help with chapped hands and dry faces.  Normal price is £12.75:

In The Day

Or if you’re travelling around try our handy, bag sized Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser 100ml to help combat winter flu and covid. Normal price is £1.99.

In The Evening

Moisturise to nourish and regenerate your skin with our Superderm Moisturiser. Normal price is £18.99: